myLynn Electronic Student Aid System

Welcome to myLynn Electronic Student Aid System (E-SAS).

E-SAS is the online portal to your financial aid award package. If you receive a scholarship, grant, loan or any other type of financial assistance or tuition reduction, you can review all of that via ESAS. In addition to seeing your most up-to-date financial aid package, we also show you important dates and deadlines. You can also see the documents you need to complete in order to finalize your awards; many of the most common financial aid documents can be completed online so there’s no paper form for you to worry about. To see the forms that can be completed electronically, after you log in, select the Online Documents tab from the Menu at the top of your home page. 

Log In Instructions

First Time Users

Have you received your Lynn University onboarding e-mail?

No?  If you have not received a Lynn e-mail address yet, please activate your E-SAS account using the same e-mail address you entered on your admission application.  Follow the steps for First Time User below.

1. In the Log In box, enter your e-mail address (see above) and then click on the “First Time User” link

2. As a first time user to this new system, enter your date of birth (use MM/DD/YYYY format) and email address to activate your account.  You must use the slash marks (//) between month, date and year

3. You are required to set up two personal security questions. These personal security questions are used to authenticate your identity for password retrieval. Please choose two different questions and enter your answer

4. After setting up your personal security questions, you need to create a password

5. Click on the SUBMIT button to complete the activation

Yes?  If you have a Lynn e-mail address, you must activate your myLynn account with your Lynn e-mail address.  Follow the steps for Current Students (or active myLynn account) below.

Current Students (or active myLynn account)

Students are now able to access the E-SAS page with one set of login credentials, if you have an active myLynn account setup. Follow the instructions below to use the single sign-on feature to navigate to E-SAS.

1. Go to and sign in using your Lynn email and password

2. Click on the Student Finances tab

3. Select the My ESAS link on the left side to be directed to your E-SAS

4. Then click on the “Go to myESAS" link to be directed to your E-SAS welcome screen

Troubleshooting Tips

Due to increased security features, Internet Explorer users will need to complete a few quick steps to improve their web browser’s compatibility with E-SAS:

  • It is recommended to have only one single web browser open at any given time when logging into ESAS
  • Press the “Alt” key, then “Tools” > “Compatibility View Settings”. Type in the “Add this website” box and then press the “Add” button
  • When creating the password as a first-time user, entering the date of birth when prompted requires inclusion of slash marks (as indicated on screen), i.e. MM/DD/YYYY
  • After creating password, the user may need to close the browser, reopen it and then log in